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The median price for an existing single-family home in California is now above $600,000... the first time it's ever topped that mark.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

A sizeable number of Californians struggle to save money.  The state's notoriously high housing costs are gobbling up paychecks, leaving many on the edge of financial disaster.  As part of our statewide collaboration covering the California Dream, KPBS's Amita Sharma has this report.

California Dream Stories - Homeless

Apr 10, 2018

An estimated 134,000 Californians were homeless last year. That's a 14 percent jump from 2016. The state does not keep track of how many of those people have jobs. However, we know there are many Californians that work, but cannot afford a stable living situation. Some piece together housing as they go. From KPBS, Amita Sharma has this profile.

Homes, Inc.

Democratic candidate for governor Gavin Newsom recently claimed California ranks 49th out of 50 states in per capita housing supply.  Capital Public Radio's PolitiFact reporter Chris Nichols fact-checked the lieutenant governor's statement.

The demand for housing in California means there are fewer vacant properties in foreclosure limbo.... sometimes referred to as "zombie foreclosures."  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

California lawmakers are weighing several ideas to encourage -- or force -- cities and counties to speed up the approval process for housing projects.  As Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports, the proposals are part of negotiations between Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders to address California's high housing costs.

California lawmakers attempting to address the state's housing crisis are taking two approaches. They're passing bills to subsidize housing for low income residents and looking to encourage more building. Here's more from Ben Bradford at Capital Public Radio.

When a family member dies, relatives cope with grief and financial worries.  If a surviving spouse's name is not on the mortgage then foreclosure could loom.  Under a new state law, lenders will be required to talk to homeowners directly and tell them about programs that help avoid foreclosure.  Capital Public Radio's Julia Mitric reports.

Rising home prices throughout California mean more homeowners are earning equity... and fewer are underwater.  Capital Public Radio's Steve Milne reports.

Calif. Home Foreclosures Down Sharply

Jul 14, 2016

New numbers out this morning show home foreclosure activity between April and June was below pre-recession levels.  Capital Public Radio's Steve Milne reports.

Cities Ranked On Appeal

Feb 29, 2016

An online realty website has ranked almost 500 communities across the country on their appeal to young families.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem deconstructs the data and says the IE has its highs... and lows.

A new report out from real estate website Apartment List finds California has some of the highest rents in the country.  As KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports, rents are up both across the state and here in the Inland Empire.

New California housing data released today [Thursday] show July was the fourth consecutive month with a year-over-year increase in bank repossessions.  Capital Public Radio's Steve Milne reports.

New data suggest fewer California homes are being "flipped," which means buying, fixing up, and selling home all within one year.  Capital Public Radio's Steve Milne reports.

New housing data released today (Thursday) suggests banks are advancing foreclosure cases that have been sitting in limbo for years.  Capital Public Radio's Steve Milne reports.

For the most part, the housing market in California outperformed the national housing market.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has this Capital Public Radio story.

California's Population, Housing Construction Up

May 4, 2015

There were more people -- and more places to live -- in California last year.  Capital Public Radio's Bob Moffitt reports.

Some elected Democrats in California are pushing for the creation of a new revenue stream to pay for affordable housing projects in the state.  And how those projects get built may affect the broader housing market.  Capital Public Radio's Katie Orr reports.

No Easy Fix To California's Lack Of Housing

Mar 18, 2015

California has fallen dramatically behind the amount of housing it needs to keep up with demand. A new report out this week says building more won't be easy. Capital Public Radio's Katie Orr reports.

A Republican legislative leader from the Inland Empire is criticizing a proposal made earlier this week by a Democratic legislative leader to tack on a $75 fee to real estate transactions to help pay for lower-income subsidized housing.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has the story.

A new study from the real estate research firm RealtyTrac finds the practice known as "house-flipping" is down in California.  Capital Public Radio's Steve Milne has more.

A new report shows that home foreclosure activity in California is at its lowest rate since 2006.  In the Inland Empire, foreclosures are down, but IE counties still have among the highest foreclosure numbers in the nation.  Capital Public Radio's Steve Milne reports the statewide numbers, and KVCR's Ken Vincent has the IE foreclosure figures.