Michael Cohen Recorded A Conversation With Trump About Paying An Ex-Playboy Model

Updated at 7:42 p.m. EST "The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!" President Trump tweeted Saturday morning. His message follows a New York Times report on Friday that his longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, secretly recorded their discussion about payments to a former Playboy model who said she had a 10-month affair with Trump. The FBI found the recording after a raid on Cohen's office in April. It may provide evidence in an investigation into whether campaign finance...

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Firefighters this morning (Friday) continue to work on containing a brush fire that started yesterday afternoon near Corona.  The so-called Skyline Fire has burned 250 acres and at last report last night was 5% contained.


Yosemite National Park is still accepting visitors in spite of a major wildfire looming nearby.  The Ferguson Fire has already scorched more than 20,000 acres and is only 7% contained.  And now, possible thunderstorm activity can make matters worse for the more than 2,100 firefighters battling the blaze...and tourists.  Capital Public Radio's Nadine Sebai reports.

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The San Bernardino City Council has chosen not to respond to a letter from the White House requesting its support for President Trump's latest Supreme Court pick.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has the story.

Longtime Inland Empire journalist and KVCR contributor Cassie MacDuff and KVCR's Ken Vincent review some of the Inland Empire's top news stories this week, including:

San Diego Zoo Global

A team of scientists and conservationists released more than 250 endangered frogs back into their native habitat in the San Bernardino National Forest on June 19, 2018.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper tagged along for the releases, and has this report.

I’m hiking up a stretch of wooded creek deep in the San Bernardino Mountains. With me are about a dozen biologists, conservationists, and photographers, all wading through forest and hip-deep water.

The reason?


Riverside County Animal Services authorities will try again today to capture and give veterinary treatment to a wild burro in Reche Canyon who presumably was shot with an arrow and injured.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


Thunderstorm acitivty in the Sierra Nevada today could cause dangerous conditions for crews fighting a major wildfire near Yosemite National Park.  Capital Public Radio's Randol White has this update on the fire that has already scorched more than 17,000 acres.

Cal 3

There will be no vote this fall on a ballot measure asking whether California should be split into three different states.  As Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports, the California Supreme Court kicked Proposition 9 off the November ballot yesterday (Wednesday).

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The Riverside County Board of Supervisors have signed off on a plan by county officials to actively pursue overdue trash collection and fire mitigation fees owed by thousands of residents and businesses in unincorprated areas of the county.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


California almond growers are likely to see their largest-ever harvest this August.  But the surge comes at an unfortunate time, as their second-largest importer - China - imposed a 50 percent tariff on their product.  Capital Public Radio's Nadine Sebai explans how the US-China trade war is affecting California growers and others in the supply chain.


Just In From NPR:

Sitting in an orange jumpsuit in a Washington courtroom this week, Maria Butina was either an agent of the Russian government, as federal prosecutors allege, or a just an international graduate student targeted for her nationality, as her defense contends.

The Trump-Putin Summit And The Press

7 hours ago

Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.


Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.


The Value Of Russia, Putin To Trump

7 hours ago

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Denied Asylum, But Terrified To Return Home

In May, Lourdes walked across the bridge from Mexico to El Paso, Texas, and requested asylum. The first step is an interview with an asylum officer. "I told him that I have the evidence on me," Lourdes said, through an interpreter. She told the asylum officer about the scar on her arm, and the four missing fingers on her left hand — all evidence, she says, of a brutal attack by a gang in her native Honduras. But the asylum officer rejected her claim. "I don't know what happened," Lourdes said...

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The Russia Investigations: How Many More Maria Butinas Are There?

This week in the Russia investigations: Two big questions about the second-most famous Russian in the world and Rod Rosenstein fires a warning shot. Finnish fallout No Hollywood screenwriter could get away with turning in a treatment for this week. The studio bosses would roll their eyes and ask for the story to be more plausible. And yet Americans — and the rest of the world — really did just live through five days in which the president of the United States publicly sided with the president...

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VA Whistleblowers 10 Times More Likely Than Peers To Receive Disciplinary Action

A new report out Thursday by the federal government's auditing arm raises big concerns about how the Department of Veterans Affairs handles employees who report wrongdoing and managers found to have committed misconduct. The U.S. Government Accountability Office's report says VA whistleblowers are far more likely than their colleagues to face discipline or removal after reporting misconduct. It also found that senior VA managers are sometimes not held accountable for substantiated misconduct...

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5 Facts To Know About Migrant Family Reunification

A federal court in San Diego has given the government until July 26 to reunite thousands of children with their parents. It has been a chaotic, much disputed process, but a process that is undeniably underway. Here are five questions about family reunification answered: 1. When did family separations start? Most reporting on this issue trace family separations back to the announcement in early May of a new "zero tolerance policy" at the U.S.-Mexico border. At the time of the announcement,...

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American Baby Trump Blimp Set To Breeze Onto Namesake's Home Turf

Like any tantruming toddler, the 20-foot-tall baby Trump blimp hovering above Friday's protests in London was difficult to ignore. Now a plan to bring a replica of the yellow-haired, phone-toting, sneering and diapered balloon stateside has garnered so much support that organizers say they will use the funds to buy multiple blimps "so we can go coast-to-coast, border-to-border." New Jersey activists Didier Jiminez-Castro and Jim Girvan said they "were inspired by the patriotic actions of our...

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In The White House Press Room, Sarah Sanders Channels President Trump

It's a typical part of the White House press secretary's job: defend the president and sometimes clash with reporters. But Donald Trump is not a typical president. For Sarah Sanders, that has meant an unusually combative relationship with the press. This weekend marks one year since Sanders was named press secretary. She's coming off an especially chaotic week, spent explaining Trump's contradictory remarks about Russian interference in U.S. elections. In the briefing room, Sanders often...

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Not My Job: Former FBI Director James Comey Gets Quizzed On Loyalty Rewards

Former FBI Director James Comey has a lot of experience with loyalty — he wrote a book called A Higher Loyalty and he told the Senate intelligence committee that President Trump demanded his loyalty over dinner in January. So we've invited Comey to play a game called "Welcome to our Loyalty Rewards Club!" — a quiz about reward programs where you buy stuff to get stuff. Click the audio link above to see how he does. Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/. PETER SAGAL, HOST:...

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What Your State Is Doing To Beef Up Civics Education

Fake news. Record-low voting turnout. Frequent and false claims from elected officials. Vitriol in many corners of political debate. These are symptoms we hear of all the time that our democracy is not so healthy. And those factors might be why many states are turning to the traditional — and obvious — place where people learn how government is supposed to work: schools. More than half of the states in their last legislative sessions — 27 to be exact — have considered bills or other proposals...

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Science, Technology, And Medicine From NPR

Replacing Vacant Lots With Green Spaces Can Ease Depression In Urban Communities

Growing up in Washington, D.C.'s Columbia Heights neighborhood, Rebecca Lemos-Otero says her first experience with nature came in her late teens when her mother started a community garden. "I was really surprised and quickly fell in love," she recalls. The garden was peaceful, and a "respite" from the neighborhood, which had high crime rates, abandoned lots and buildings, she says. Inspired by that experience, years later, Lemos-Otero, 39, started City Blossoms , a local nonprofit that has...

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Arts, Culture, And Media From NPR

Paramount President Fired Amid Allegations of Racially Charged Comments

Amy Powell's five-year run as head of Paramount Studios' television division came to a halt on Thursday. She was suddenly ousted after an internal investigation of her alleged use of racially charged language, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos announced Powell's dismissal in a memo to staff. "Having spent the past several days conducting a thorough investigation into this matter and speaking to those who were present, our Human Resources and Legal teams came...

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Comic-Con Day 3: The Best Hawkeye

Today is cosplay day! As the con goes along, people start busting out better and better costumes, and we spent a few hours today seeing the extremely impressive sights. Oh, and did we mention — WE were part of those sights? Mallory dressed up as the Kate Bishop version of Hawkeye, from the Young Avengers, acknowledged by many people who saw her to be the BEST Hawkeye. And I was Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan — a hero to journalists everywhere. We sat down behind the convention center...

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ABBA Silver: 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again'

OK, look. I don't want to waste your time. It's hot, it's muggy and the news is an ever-widening gyre of flaming airborne chili-festival Porta Potties. So how about we forgo a review that seeks to advance any cool, objective argument on the relative cinematic worth of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again , the sequel to the 2008 film adaption of the longest-running jukebox musical in Broadway history? How about, in the interest of efficiency, I just answer the questions I know you to have about the...

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Food, Nutrition, and Cuisine From NPR

As Milk Production Cools In Summer, Farmers Try To Help Cows Take The Heat

The cows were silent on a recent July morning at Mill-King dairy farm in McGregor, Texas. They stood under shade trees, digesting their breakfast, while cicadas buzzed in the branches overhead. "It's starting to warm up, so they're starting to get a little bit less ... frolicky," says Craig Miller, watching from the fence line. His grandfather started this farm. Now he runs it, producing nonhomogenized milk from a mostly grass-fed herd. He says this cow behavior is exactly what he expects as...

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Prize-Winning #iPhoneOnly Photos: From Dinos To Divers

It's a haunting image. At dusk, hundreds of Rohingya refugees at a camp in Bangladesh are huddled around a projector, looking at something just outside the frame — a film about health and sanitation. That photo, taken on an iPhone by documentary photographer Jashim Salam of Bangladesh, is the grand prize-winning photo of the 2018 iPhone Photography Awards . On Wednesday, the winners of the annual contest, now in its 11th year, were announced. Photographers in 140 countries submitted thousands...

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