After days of soaking rain in the valleys and feet of new snow in the mountains, the Inland Empire's weather will start clearing up and drying out over the coming holiday weekend into next week.  However, the forecast for next weekend shows we're not done with rain yet.  KVCR's Ken Vincent recaps the forecast for the valleys and the mountains.

Is California Out Of The Drought?

Jan 13, 2017

Is it time to declare that the California drought is over?  Some water experts say yes... sort of.  Capital Public Radio's Amy Quinton reports.

California air regulators are accusing another carmaker of building vehicles that pollute above legal limits, but not during emissions tests.  The state Air Resources Board and the U.S. EPA both cited Fiat-Chrysler yesterday (Thursday), as Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford report.

Authorities reported this morning (Thursday) that local law enforcement officers were fired upon after a suspected DUI stop last night.  The subsequent pursuit and investigation resulted in all lanes of the southbound I-15 freeway being closed to all traffic from last night until this morning.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has details.

The brother of San Bernardino terror attack shooter Syed Rizwan Farook was in federal court in Riverside yesterday (Tuesday), pleading guilty to an immigration fraud case that is associated with the plans for the terror attack.  KVCR's Ken Vincent explains.


Hundreds of people attended the funeral of Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit yesterday (Tuesday), following Benoit's passing last month.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

John Myers/KQED

Sluggish revenue could leave California with a $2-billion budget deficit next year.  Governor Jerry Brown led with that news when announcing his new spending plan yesterday (Tuesday).  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

Governor Jerry Brown has proposed more funding for the state's version of Medicaid, in spite of talks that the Affordable Care Act may be repealed under the new Trump administration.  Capital Public Radio's Health Care Reporter Ja'Nel Johnson has details.

Los Angeles Member of Congress Xavier Becerra, Governor Jerry Brown's nominee to replace now-U.S. Senator Kamala Harris as California Attorney General, faced questions from lawmakers in a hearing in Sacramento yesterday (Tuesday).  KVCR's Ken Vincent has details.

From KVCaRts: Disney Music Composer Robert Sherman

Jan 11, 2017

In this excerpt from KVCaRts, KVCR's Lillian Vasquez interviews composer Robert Sherman, who with his brother Richard wrote many of the most recognizable songs from Disney films over the past 50 years.


Latest From NPR:

More than a hundred female federal inmates, sentenced to long-term prison, have instead been held for years in two windowless rooms in a detention center in Brooklyn.

Conditions for the women have been found to violate international standards for the treatment of prisoners.

When Samantha Deffler was young, her mother would often call her by her siblings' names — even the dog's name. "Rebecca, Jesse, Molly, Tucker, Samantha," she says.

A group of scientists are gathering today in the U.K. to discuss a slab of ice that's cracking in Antarctica. The crack could soon split off a frozen chunk the size of Delaware.

Last year, Heidi Sevestre spent 6 weeks living on that giant slab of ice off the Antarctic Peninsula.

"It's like being on a different planet," says Sevestre, a glaciologist with the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She and her colleagues would get really excited whenever they saw a bird pass overhead because it was the only other sign of life around.

Prosecutors in South Korea have requested an arrest warrant for the de facto head of the nation's biggest conglomerate, Samsung, on charges of bribery and embezzlement in connection with a swirling scandal that led to the president's impeachment.

More From NPR

Obama Honors Civil Rights Movement With New National Monuments

A downtown section of Birmingham, Ala., including the church where four black girls were killed in a Ku Klux Klan bombing in 1963, has been declared a national monument by President Obama. The 16 th Street Baptist Church will be the focal point of the Birmingham Civil Rights National Historical Park. The bombing, which also injured 22 other people, proved to be a turning point in the civil rights struggle. In his order signed Thursday, a week before the end of his administration, Obama also...

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With His Choice Of Inauguration Prayer Leaders, Trump Shows His Values

The six faith leaders President-elect Donald Trump has invited to pray at his inauguration come from diverse backgrounds, but they have something in common: All have personal ties to Trump or his family or have in some way signaled their approval of him, his politics or his wealth. The group includes an African-American megachurch leader from Detroit, a Florida woman known for her lavish lifestyle and preaching on "abundancy," a rabbi from Los Angeles, and a Hispanic evangelical — as well as...

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In China, State Media Blast Tillerson's Comments On South China Sea Islands

After President-elect Donald Trump's pick for secretary of state made strong statements about China's actions in the South China Sea, Chinese officials have responded with muted, measured statements — while state-run media have warned of the potential for conflict and retaliation. Rex Tillerson, the former Exxon Mobil CEO nominated to lead the U.S. State Department, had a confirmation hearing Wednesday. He told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that China's actions in the South China Sea...

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West & Pacific Rim From NPR

EPA Accuses Fiat Chrysler Of Installing Emissions-Cheating Software

The Environmental Protection Agency said Fiat Chrysler violated the Clean Air Act by allegedly installing and failing to disclose software in some 104,000 cars and trucks that alters emissions. The automaker was required by law to disclose the software to regulators during the certification process but did not do so, the EPA announced Thursday. While the agency is still investigating the nature of these devices, it said the software results in increased emissions of nitrogen oxides. "The...

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Politics From NPR

Trump's Plan To Shift His Businesses Is Lacking, Ethics Experts Say

Donald Trump's plan to shift management of his businesses to his sons doesn't go nearly far enough to address conflict-of-interest concerns, former presidential ethics lawyers say. At his press conference on Wednesday, Trump announced he will be turning over the management of the Trump Organization to his adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric. Though they must make decisions without the input or knowledge of the president-elect, he will retain ownership of the company. "I could actually run my...

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Education From NPR

Obama's Impact On America's Schools

When President Obama took office in January 2009, the country was on edge, the economy in free-fall. The federal education law, known as No Child Left Behind, was also in need of an update after earning the ire of teachers, parents and politicians alike. In short, there was much to do. In time, that update would come, but President Obama's education legacy begins, oddly enough, with his plan to bolster the faltering economy. Race To The Top In the summer of 2009, Obama and Education Secretary...

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Science, Technology, and Medicine

U.S. Puts Bumblebee On The Endangered Species List For 1st Time

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has designated the rusty patched bumblebee an endangered species — the first such designation for a bumblebee and for a bee species in the continental U.S. The protected status, which goes into effect on Feb. 10, includes requirements for federal protections and the development of a recovery plan. It also means that states with habitats for this species are eligible for federal funds. "Today's Endangered Species listing is the best—and probably last—hope for...

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Arts, Culture, And Media From NPR

'The Soul's Gonna Speak': Run The Jewels Stares Down A Fraught 2017 When President Obama gave his goodbye speech this week, one of hip-hop's most politically active stars was watching. Killer Mike is a rapper who actively campaigned for Bernie Sanders. So when he and fellow rapper El-P joined Morning Edition to talk about their new album from their group Run the Jewels , we had to get their take on the president's farewell. Killer Mike says he did like when President Obama urged Americans to get more involved. "When...

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Fulfill Your Reading Resolutions With 6 Books From Librarian Nancy Pearl

If reading more in 2017 was one of your new year's resolutions, Nancy Pearl is here to help. Every once in a while, the Seattle-based librarian sends host Steve Inskeep a big stack of books. They're generally "under-the-radar" reads — titles she thinks deserve more attention than they've been getting. This year, the stack includes breathtaking thrillers, a multi-generational crime story, an unforgettable family tale, and more. Pearl tells Inskeep why she loves these novels, and why she thinks...

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Food, Nutrition & Cuisine From NPR

This Food Critic Will Take The Taco. Again. And Again. And Again.

It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks to Mike Sutter, food critic for the San Antonio Express-News , about his "365 days of Tacos" series, in which he eats at a different taco joint every day for a year. He's done it before, in Austin, where he ate more than 1,600 tacos in 2015. But now he's moved to San Antonio, and he's finding that the taco scene there is a bit different, and in fact is tied to a cultural identity that spans back many decades. Kelly McEvers...

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Don't MIss:

You Can Now Enter The 2017 Tiny Desk Contest

The 2017 Tiny Desk Contest is now open! Starting today, I'll be watching your videos in search of the next great undiscovered artist to play at the Tiny Desk. And I won't be doing it alone. Our team of judges includes these fantastic musicians: Anthony Hamilton Miguel BANKS Trey Anastasio of Phish Ben Hopkins of PWR BTTM I'll also be joined by Rita Houston of WFUV , Stas THEE Boss of KEXP , Talia Schlanger of WXPN 's World Cafe and Robin Hilton, my co-host on All Songs Considered . We're...

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