A decisive blow was dealt Thursday to the effort to regain local control of Ontario International Airport. The Judge ruled that, though flawed, LA's claim of ownership over the airport is valid. KVCR's Matt Guilhem has more on the ruling and what it means.

Compensation For California Women Lags

Jan 23, 2015

Working Women in California are still making less than men on average, but they are doing relatively well compared to women in other states. Capital Public Radio's Katie Orr reports on new numbers out Thursday.

Press-Enterprise Columnist Cassie MacDuff and KVCR's Ken Vincent discuss a few of the week's major news stories in the Inland Empire, including:

-Follow-up on a story we talked about last week, involving liability issues concerning the death of a construction worker on the 91 Freeway Widening Project;

-an American Lung Association report showing most Inland Empire cities do badly at protecting their citizens from second-hand smoke;

-a billboard alongside an IE freeway that may draw controversy because of its anti-religious message.


Public health officials say the latest count of cases of measles -- originating from a December outbreak at  Southern California Disney theme parks --  is now up to 70, spread across a growing number of states.  Furthermore, the number of non-vaccinated school students in quarantine is growing.  And officials are recommending that anyone not inoculated with the measles vaccine should stay away from the Disney parks.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has the update (story compiled by KVCR's Matt Guilhem).


As part of our periodic "State Of The Cities" series, KVCR's Ken Vincent has the last of a 3-part conversation with former Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge (parts 1 and 2 -- Loveridge's assessments of San Bernardino and Moreno Valley -- are also posted on this website).  After Loveridge finished a nearly 20-year stint as Riverside Mayor two years ago, he returned to teaching political science at UC Riverside, where he now heads UCR's Center for Sustainable Suburban Development, a research center that focuses on the unique challenges facing cities on the edge of large urban centers.  In this s

IE Youth Mentoring Program Sees Success

Jan 22, 2015

January is often seen as the month of resolutions, lifestyle changes, and self-betterment.  It's also recognized as National Mentoring Month.  For this reason, the Claremont-based Youth Mentoring Action Network is working hard to promote the importance of mentoring within the Inland Empire.  KVCR's Natalya Estrada has more in this report.

Half Of SoCal Economy Dependent On Colorado River

Jan 22, 2015

If the Colorado River runs dry, so would the economy of Southern California.  A new report from Arizona State University quantifies the potential damage of water shortages by industry, and makes a strong case for keeping the Colorado River flowing through better management and data collection.  More in teh California News Service story from KVCR's Matt Guilhem.


A new report says just one in five city managers in California are women.  And they make less in salary and benefits that male city managers.  More in this Capital Public Radio story from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


California Governor Jerry Brown will personally look into what can be done to make the University of California more affordable and accessible.  Capital Public Radio's Katie Orr reports on actions taken by the UC Board of Regents on Wednesday.


KVCR's Ken Vincent has part 2 in our conversation with Ron Loveridge, former Mayor of Riverside, now Director of the Center for Sustainable Suburban Development.  Dr. Loveridge shares his observations about  Riverside's still-immature and growing neighbor, Moreno Valley, now the second-largest city in Riverside County.


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