Temperatures are expected to soar into the triple digits in the Inland Empire from this weekend through most of next week.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has this detailed forecast for the Inland Valleys and our local mountain communities.

Regional air quality officials warned this week that much of Southern California could experience "very unhealthy" air pollution as the heat wave takes hold of the weather in the coming days.  Details from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

The California Legislature has passed it's largest-ever budget.  In a compromise between Democratic lawmakers and Governor Jerry Brown, it spends $125 billion, and funds much of what the governor had proposed cutting.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

California lawmakers have approved a state budget deal with a provision that has Republicans accusing Democrats of trying to steal an election.  It would create new rules for recall elections - and it's written in a way that would delay a current bid to recall a Democratic state senator from Fullerton until next June's primary,  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports.

Three faculty members from the University of California Riverside have won Fulbright Scholarships.  In part 1 of this series, we spoke with one winner, Derick Fay.  Today another scholarship winner from UCR.  KVCR's Carla Marquez has the story.


A populist wave inspired by former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is pushing the California Democratic Party leftward. Led by the California Nurses Association, self-proclaimed “Berniecrats” have disrupted the party’s conventions, won Senate passage of a single-payer health care bill, and are being courted by 2018 candidates. Their stance contrasts with Governor Jerry Brown's philosophy of "paddle a little to the left and a little to the right." Capital Public Radio’s Ben Bradford asked Brown about this ascending wing of the party, in the second part of their interview in China.


Scientists have long known that wildfires pollute the air with soot and other fine particles that are dangerous to human health.  But as Capital Public Radio's Amy Quinton reports, a new study shows that particle pollution from wildfires is much worse than previously thought.

A recent report says California cities and suburbs responded well to the state's unprecedented mandate to cut water use by 25 percent during the drought.  But as Capital Public Radio's Amy Quinton explains, it also examines what policies could work better in future droughts.

Candidate for California governor Gavin Newsom recently said Americans are 25 times more likely to be shot and killed than others in developed countries.  Capital Public Radio's PolitiFact reporter Chris Nichols fact-checked this claim as part of our Tracking The Truth series, which examines statements in the 2018 governor's race.

California lawmakers and staff have clocked long hours to get a budget package ready for a vote today (Thursday).  Memo's committee reports, untold pages of legislation.  But moments of levity do break through.  Capital Public Radio's Julia Mitric has this exam

The University of California Riverside announced it's Fulbright Scholars last month.  Today, the first of two stories focused on the local winners and their plans for the year.  KVCR's Carla Marquez has the story.

Riverside Transit Agency

New express bus service from Riverside to Corona is set to begin this summer, promising a faster ride than regular bus service between the two cities.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent

K-P-M-G, the consulting firm helping Riverside County implement public safety reforms, assured Supervisors yesterday (Tuesday) that the multi-million-dollar contract the county has with K-P-M-G is beginning to yield results.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

After a couple of false starts - and negotiations that stretched over the weekend - California Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders have reached a state budget deal.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler has Democratic and Republican reactions from Sacramento.

Inland Empire Economic Partnership Chief Economist John Husing and KVCR's Ken Vincent continue their discussion about what Dr. Husing sees as the strengths and weaknesses of the Inland Empire economy as it competes for jobs and quality of life with the neighboring coastal economies.

California State Budget Deal Near

Jun 13, 2017

There's still no formal declaration of a California budget deal at the state Capitol - That that's expected as soon as this morning (Tuesday).  But the contents of the agreement have nearly all been made public.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler has this overview.

California's Democratic leaders have come to an agreement on how to use more than a billion dollars in tobacco tax money to improve health care for the poor.  Capital Public Radio's Sally Schilling explains a little less than half will go toward increasing payments for doctors and dentists who see Medi-Cal patients.


California's embattled Board of Equalization would be gutted under a major piece of the state budget deal that became public yesterday (Monday) - three days before a likely vote in the Legislature.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Candidate for governor Antonio Villaraigosa said California is home to 77 of the nation's 300 poorest cities.  Capital Public Radio's PolitiFact reporter Chris Nichols fact-checked this claim as part of our Tracking The Truth series, which examines statements in the 2018 governor's race. 


Although the winner of the Powerball jackpot worth nearly half-a-billion dollars has not come forward yet, the  immigrant family that runs the small convenience store in Menifee's Sun City area is celebrating the good timing of great fortune.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

A famous UC Riverside professor is caught up in a national Twitter controversy.  UCR Professor Reza Aslan has been dropped as a TV series producer and host by CNN after Aslan tweeted a crude message about President Trump.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Jerry Brown's trip to China earned him wall-to-wall media coverage - internationally and here at home.  Much less covered was another environmental visit the governor took just weeks earlier: to Bell Gardens in Los Angeles County, a transportation corridor with some of the worst air quality in the state.  Those two trips highlight competing tensions as Brown seeks to shape climate change policies in California and around the world.  When Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford interviewed the California governor during a car ride in Beijing last week, he asked if Brown was surprised by what he

Longtime Inland Empire journalist and KVCR contributor Cassie MacDuff and KVCR's Ken Vincent review some of the Inland Empire's top news stories this week, including:

- Grand Jury transcripts released this week shed light on why a Beaumont councilman was charged with bribery and campaign finance violations;

- the city of San Bernardino is taking applications for permits to operate medical marijuana dispensaries, and;

- update on election results in Riverside and Moreno Valley council races.

TV news screenshot from KABC News 7, Los Angeles

A Colton woman pleaded not guilty yesterday (Thursday) to the murder of her 18-month-old granddaughter and the attempted murder of her daughter and another granddaughter in a knife attack.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


As California lawmakers work toward a state budget vote this week, marijuana industry players eagerly await the release of a piece of the budget deal that's intended to align state rules on medical and recreational marijuana.  Capital Public Radio's Julia Mitric reports.


California Governor Jerry Brown is back in the state after five whirlwind days in China.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford followed the governor throughout the journey, and he reports it ended much as it began.

The first-ever 4-year class of medical students to make their way through the UC Riverside School of Medicine graduates tomorrow (Friday).  KVCR's Ken Vincent explains why the UCR Med School's first class of graduates is a big deal for the Inland Empire.

john myers / kqed

Rural Republican state lawmakers want to transform the California state Senate so that it serves as a check on what they say is the runaway power of urban districts.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

California Governor Jerry Brown's mission to fight climate change has taken him to China this week, but he's not committing to support more ambitious renewable energy goals back home.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports from Beijing.


Three men have been arrested in San Diego, charged with carrying out a multi-million dollar scheme to bilk people seeking U.S. immigration status.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.