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The Riverside County Board of Supervisors have signed off on a plan by county officials to actively pursue overdue trash collection and fire mitigation fees owed by thousands of residents and businesses in unincorprated areas of the county.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

California almond growers are likely to see their largest-ever harvest this August.  But the surge comes at an unfortunate time, as their second-largest importer - China - imposed a 50 percent tariff on their product.  Capital Public Radio's Nadine Sebai explans how the US-China trade war is affecting California growers and others in the supply chain.

One final climate change-related priority of Governor Jerry Brown's is moving through the state Legislature but faces opposition from some Democrats.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports on the effort to share more electric power with other states.

In 2016, Yucca Valley Republican Congressman Paul Cook faced a re-election challenge from the far left.  Now he's facing one from the far right wing of his own party, in fellow Republican former state legislator Tim Donnelly.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has more.

After leaving the California Assembly, Tim Donnelly’s political future was unclear. He ran unsuccessful campaigns for governor in 2014 and Congress in 2016. 

Inland Empire Economist John Husing and KVCR's Ken Vincent continue discussing Dr. Husing's 2018 forecast for various sectors of the IE economy.  In this segment, Husing expresses his concern about the health of the regional manufacturing sector, and how the newly-legalized recreational marijuana industry could boost the IE's manufacturing economy.

State Senator Kevin de Leon got a boost over the weekend in his underdog campaign to unseat California's U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein: an endorsement from the state Democratic Party.  But as Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports, it might not bring as much help as his backers hope.


A deadly disease called Newcastle is killing chickens mainly across San Bernardino County, and it's spreading.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has more.

If you have chickens, ducks, or any other type of bird you think might be susceptible to this disease, you can call the California Department of Food and Agriculture at 866-922-BIRD.

The Valley Fire burning for more than a week – since Friday, June 6 -  in the San Bernardino National Forest near Forest Falls, is holding at just under 1,400 acres burned, and remains 29 percent contained.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson visited San Bernardino last week (Thursday) to call for the disbarment of the San Bernardino County prosecutor who made offensive remarks online.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has the story.

Longtime Inland Empire journalist and KVCR contributor Cassie MacDuff and KVCR's Ken Vincent review some of the Inland Empire's top news stories this week, including:

UPDATED 7:00AM FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2018   The Valley Fire, which was first reported a week ago today in the San Bernardino National Forest along Highway 38 near Forest Falls, is 29 percent contained after having burned just under 1,400 acres.   Authorities say the size of the area burned has been held in check by wet weather in the mountains this week.  However, those showers and thunderstorms also caused mud and debris flows through some of the burn area, and that resulted in closures of portions of Highway 38 in the Forest Falls area yesterday, and the closure of H

A recent study by the various United Way chapters in California says 33 percent of Californians struggle to meet theri basic living costs - and that number is even higher in the Inland Empire. KVCR's Benjamin Purper reports.


Trump administration officials are pushing for health plans that offer a cheaper alternative to Obamacare plans, but that don't necessarily offer basic benefits.  Capital Public Radio's health care reporter Sammy Caiola has more.

Did Democrat Gavin Newsom "separate families and depart children" as San Francisco mayor?  That's what John Cox, his GOP oppenent in the race for California governor, recently claimed.  Capital Public Radio's PolitiFact reporter Chris Nichols has this fact check.

UPDATED AT 7:00AM THURSDAY, JULY 12, 2018:    Today (Thursday) is day 6 of the fight against the Valley Fire, burning in the San Bernardino National Forest east of Forest Falls and Angelus Oaks.  Fire lines have established 24 percent containment, and the acreage burned is still being estimated at less than 1,400 acres.

The University of California says its admitting a record number of transfer studetns for the upcoming school year.  Capital Public Radio's Steve Milne reports.


California has hit its goal for lowering climate change-causing emissions early.  The state Air Resources Board announced yesterday (Wednesday) that greenhouse gas emissions fell below 1990 levels four years earlier than a target set last decade.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford explains.

UPDATED AT 8:00AM WEDNESDAY 7/11/2018:    The Valley Fire, now in its 5th day burning in the San Bernardino National Forest east of Highway 38 near Angeles Oaks is now 24 percent contained at just under 1,400 acres.  The unified command leading the multiple agencies fighting the blaze says containment continues to be slow for two reasons… one, the weather: Fire behavior remained quiet yesterday due to cloud cover, a light rain, and higher humidity.


It's avocado season in California, but many farmers are in toruble.  They don't have enough workers to pick and maintain Hass avocados, which are in high demand.  Reporter Nadine Sebai explains the challenge facing farmers who rely on human labor.

Sujatha Fernandes

In the last several years, we’ve witnessed a resurgence in movements such as the feminist movement, black lives matter movement, and massive demonstrations against migrant detention and deportation, the Muslim ban, and the gun lobby. One of the key tools used by non-profit groups and legislative campaigns is storytelling, and mass trainings on how to tell stories to legislators to push for political reform and social change. However, the misuses of storytelling may actually limit social change in a broader context.

UPDATED AT 8:00AM TUESDAY 7/10/18:    The Valley fire, which has been burning in the San Bernardino National Forest near the communities of Forest Falls and Angelus Oaks since Friday, as of this morning (Tuesday) is 13 percent contained at just under 1,400 acres.  Hwy 38 between Bryant St.


In Los Angeles yesterday (Monday), federal district Judge Dolly Gee denied a Trump Administration request to hold migrant children with their families for long periods of time.  As KCRW’s Benjamin Gottleib reports, the judge had tough words for the Trump administration.


A federal judge in Sacramento has upheld California's law shielding immigrants in the country without legal documentation.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

Inland Empire Economist John Husing and KVCR's Ken Vincent continue discussing the IE's logistics economic sector, the largest jobs-provider in the region.  Dr. Husing responds to efforts by local environmental and economic justice activists to slow the expansion of the IE's logistics economy.

A top San Bernardino County prosecutor has been placed on administrative leave after making offensive social media comments.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has more.


The Valley Fire burning in the San Bernardino National Forest east of Highway  38 north of Forest Falls  has consumed 1,341 acres and is 13 percent contained as of 8am this morning (Monday).  The fire was reported early Friday morning.

Evacuation orders for the communities of Forest Falls and Mountain Home Village have been lifted.. However,. Hwy 38 is still closed from Bryant Street in Yucaipa  to Angelus Oaks   because of fire danger and several thunderstorms that resulted in some flooding and debris.


A month after voting day, California's primary election is not over.  The California Secretary of State will finish the count and certify the results Friday (July 13).  In the meantime, though, Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports it's now possible to estimate the election's turnout, and what it means for the November races.

All lanes of the eastbound 210 freeway where it intersects the 215 freeway in San Bernardino were closed for hours this morning (Friday) while authorities investigated a suspected shooting that resulted in the crash of a motorcycle and the death of one person and critical injuries to another.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

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A federal judge has denied a request by the Trump administration to blck California's "sanctuary state" law, which shields immigrants in the country without legal documentation.  Burt the judge did suspend another  law for impeding federal immigration agents at work places.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

The County Fire, located east of Lake Berryessa and covering parts of Yolo and Napa Counties, now covers 86,000 acres and is 30% contained. KVCR's Rick Dulock has an update.