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Join host David Fleming for a program dedicated to Arts and Entertainment in our region, as well as the people and places providing it. Interviews with authors, producers, visual artists and musicians, spotlighting a classic album or a brand new release. From musical legends and icons - to players at the local level, from Broadway tours to Community theater, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Redlands Bowl.

Memorial Day brings remembrances of all kinds, but mostly reflections on and around those who gave their lives in the name of freedom. Our show begins with the Riverside Concert Band. The group will pay tribute to those who served with a performances at Riverside National Cemetery on Memorial Day morning at 10 AM.  Lillian Vasquez speaks with Jim Bachert, he's one of the musicians in the group and serves as their President. University of Redlands student and KVCR intern, Michael Pesavento speaks with local author Ron MacDonald about his new book, Arlington Anthology: Field of Honor.

We begin this episode of KVC_aRts with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Sherri Kinison who, with her husband, owns and runs the Grove Theatre in Upland. Sleeping Beauty; Dads, Grads and Moho's; Elvis: Hollywood the Vegas AND the Beatles Tribute Band Abbey Road are all on the schedule at the Grove in the coming weeks. We'll also hear from Axel Clark, the drummer who plays Ringo Starr in Abbey Road - His group will perform at the Grove on June 24. Next, Debbie Yopp tells Vasquez about Norco's Brew N' Que weekend - June 2-4 with food, brew, music and fun!

This week's show begins with Rick Dulock and two talented students from La Sierra University, Michael Patterson and Susana Leiva. Patterson will conduct the school orchestra's Spring Concert on May 13 and Leiva will lend her voice to the evening's repertoire. On May 22 a new and unique coffee house opens in Claremont; Sanctuary Coffee. Lillian Vasquez chats with Steve Gerali who hopes to provide respite for weary workers and students where the profits go to charity! Also in this episode of KVC_aRts David Fleming speaks with the newest member of Celtic Woman, Tara McNeill.

Joey Travolta began his adult life as a special education teacher, but filmmaking is his passion. He put the two together and created Inclusion Films, a company that partners with entities in a growing number of communities and trains people with developmental disabilities in the art of filmmaking. Lillian Vasquez speaks with Joey about the latest partnership in KVCR's city of license - San Bernardino.  Classes start this month. She also speaks with a PBS star she first interviewed when he was just nine years old. Ethan Bortnick is 16 now.

KVCR's Lillian Vasquez chats with Emin, a talented tenor seen and heard on KVCR TV/PBS, about his life, career and upcoming concert scheduled for May 27 in L.A.  Also this week, we revisit David Fleming's sit-down with JP Houston and Julie Van Dusen. They are the talented comedy duo behind American Parlor Songbook heard now on multiple public radio stations across the country... And KVCR had it first!  91.9 KVCR will host a LIVE taping of the APS in the KVCR TV studio later this month.

4/19/17   We revisit a 2014 interview by Lillian Vasquez with New York Times Bestselling author, Ron Suskind whose book, Life Animated has inspired a 2016 documentary film of the same name. 

Rick Dulock speaks with three barbershop singers from The Inland Sound Chorus. Their concert in Riverside on April 29 features their own group along with special guests, The Stadl Harmonists from Germany. 

The program starts with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Carol Dixon about the upcoming 56th annual Headdress Ball - presented by the Assistance League of San Bernardino. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Lou Christie - part of the lineup with Legends of R&B, Soul and Rock n' Roll, along with Jay and the Americans, and Little Anthony and the Imperials. That's at The California Theatre in San Bernardino April 22nd. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com.

The program starts with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Jim Buchholz, serving as President for the 15th Annual Riverside International Film Festival. That runs April 21st through the 30th. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Sandy Deanne, with Jay and the Americans. Jay and the Americans, Lou Christie, and Little Anthony and the Imperials will be at The California Theatre in San Bernardino April 22nd. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com

Robin Elise Underwood

Joanne Acosta finds out more about the 6th Annual LUNAFEST, a film festival coming to Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga April 2, 2017. Then it's David Fleming in conversation once again with Eyerie Zenzele. More on her cd with her brother, Hermanos Eyerie. Also her FUTURE works - a book, with an accompanying cd. 

Robin Elise Underwood

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Sophie Egan, Author of Devoured. Devoured looks at the American Food Psyche... what we eat, why we eat it, and what this says about us. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Eyerie Zenzele - a published poet, activist, and rap and hip hop artist. She has a new cd out with her brother (and more) - fittingly, called Hermanos Eyerie.

Lillian Vasquez speaks with Chase Bailey and his mother Mary. Chase was inspired by his journey with autism AND food aversion, and ended up with a YouTube cooking show - and now The Official Chase N' Yur Face Cookbook. Then Lillian speaks with singer Fernando Varela. His PBS special "Coming Home," coming soon to KVCR-TV.

The program starts with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Emin - a Russian singer who croons the American standars... and then some. He has a concert on PBS with David Foster, airing on KVCR-TV. Then it's David Fleming with music and conversation with Graham Nash. A BIT about Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Hollies of course. We'll also touch briefly on his work with David Gilmour, and spoke a bunch about his first solo release in some 14 years - This Path Tonight. Nash will be in Riverside in early April.

2/22/17 - Al Jarreau, The Storybook Villains

Feb 22, 2017
Ray Gutierrez

The show begins with a brief remembrance of Al Jarreau, who passed away February 12th. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Chris Thayer, Caleb Roseberry and Ed Cornejo - 3/4 of The Storybook Villains. The sound (and attitude) is as if Howlin' Wolf met Rage Against the Machine, it's a gritty blues with a modern stamp, avoiding the too oft' played "top 40" of the blues world. Their cd, "Happily Neverafter" was released February 14th - a week or so before this interview aired.


The program starts with KVCR's Rick Dulock in conversation with Mattie Scully, Chair of the Performing Arts Department at San Bernardino Valley College. We'll here about the upcoming Black History Month/Civil Rights concert. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Steve Rushingwind and Nelson Rios. We'll be speaking primarily about - and hearing music from - "Fuego," the new release from Rushingwind and the Native Groove.

David Fleming speaks with Munro Galloway about "4 Years," an exhibit of his paintings - and the accompanying book. The echibit runs February 14th through March 19th, with a reception February 18th. We hear "Winter," from Eva and the Vagabond Tales. From their latest EP, this song was re-recorded for the NPR Tiny Desk contest. To close the show, Lillian Vasquez gets music and conversation with Englebert Humperdink, coming to Riverside February 19th. His music, his name (of course)... and Elvis!


David Fleming

David Fleming speaks with Mia Mercado, directing Steel Magnolias. That's running in Rialto February 11th through the 26th. David also speaks with Rick Caughman, one of the artists featured in an exhibit housed in TWO museums in Ontario, Sheets, Sheets and Caughman. Then we have Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Cheri Kehler, playing the lead in Mary Poppins - at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside February 24th and 25th.

The show starts with David Fleming in conversation with Janee Both Gragg, founder of the Vibe Festival of Wellness coming up February 18th at University of Redlands. Lillian Vasquez speaks with tenor Pasquale Esposito, coming to the Annenberg Theatre in Palm Springs March 5th. Then, with the deadline for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert looming (a few hours after the repeat broadcast of this program, 1/29/17), Sean Longstreet talks us through HIS past submission for the Tiny Desk Concert contest.

1/18/17 - Rap and Hip Hop Artist - Drezus

Jan 18, 2017

The sole focus on this edition of KVC-Arts is Rap and Hip Hop artist Drezus. We'll focus mainly on his release, Indian Summer, but also touch on his roots and future projects - including his NEXT cd - Public Enemy. The video for Warpath - from Indian Summer - can now be found on The AUX - the music video service of FNX. Go to fnx.org/the aux.

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Stephen J. Dubner. Along with Steven Leveitt, they make up the Freakonomics radio team. Their latest book - When to Rob a Bank and 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-Intended Rants. Then it's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Richard Sherman. We'll hear about how  It's a Small World came about, Mary Poppins and Disney, and just what song - of all Richard and his brother wrote - what was his favorite? Or at least - the most significant?

David Fleming speaks with Cliff Simon. On the previous KVC-Arts, we heard about the adventures leading up to his book, Paris Nights - My Year at the Moulin Rouge. On this edition we hear about his acting career, begining in South Africa and then here in the US. Then it's Rick Dulock speaking about several cool additions to the KVCR-FM lineup. To close the program, Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Eddy Rivas, author of Red vs Blue - The Ultimate Fan Guide.

Raphaela Raggam www.raphaelaraggam.com

First we have part two of an interview with David Fleming and  singer-songwriter Pete Sands - AKA Blackkiss. We'll look once again at his cd release "Dirt Dance Floor," hear about some notable festivals, and what lies in store for the future. Then David speaks with Cliff Simon. Many may know him from his film and TV roles... but he also spent a year as a dancer at The Moulin Rouge, and has a new book ABOUT that year - and well beyond. This is part one of an interview we'll be continuing next week.

David Fleming

Jessica Greenwell speaks with Rick West - President and CEO of The Autry Museum of the American West. Then it's Part One of David Fleming in conversation with singer-songwriter, Pete Sand - AKA Blackkiss. Music from his release, Dirt Dance Floor and more.

Lillian Vasquez finds out more about Disney on Ice - coming to the region soon. She also spoke with Darian Manuz about the 2017 calendar filled with original art by folks on the autism spectrum. She also spoke with Lisa Edmund, the mother of Sydney Edmund - whose work appears on the calendar for the month of April (and pictured here). Then Lillian speaks with Mario Frangoulis about his latest projects - including the cd "Tales of Christmas." 

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Mark Lee Gardner, author of Rough Riders - the story of the famous cowboy-soldier regiment led by TR Roosevelt. Then it's Ross French in conversation with Al Pitrelli, with Trans Siberian Orchestra, coming to the region soon.

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Nicholas Petrie, author of The Drifter. This is a recent thriller fiction which starts us with a veteran, a large (and mean) dog under a porch, and a suitcase full of money under that same porch. Then David Fleming speaks with Eddie Holman, part of the lineup with Legends of R&B and Doo Wop - Live in Concert. That's in Upland December 10th, along with The Original Tymes, Harold Winley and The Clovers, and headlining - Mary Wilson. Information at affordablemusicproductions.com

Rick Dulock speaks with Jonathan Sharp, principal dancer with Inland Pacific Ballet's, Nutcracker. Then it's music from The Supremes (and - The Primettes) as David Fleming speaks with original member - Mary Wilson. Wilson is headlining Legends of R&B and Doo Wop - Live in Concert, also featuring The Original Tymes, Harold Winley & The Clovers, and Eddie Holman. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Derek, "Deek" Diedricksen, author of "Microshelters" - delving into the world of tiny homes. Then we have music from The Tymes, as David Fleming speaks with original member Caesar Berry. The Tymes are part of the lineup with Legends of R&B and Doo Wop - Live in Concert, That's December 10th in Upland. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com


Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Mike Edison, author of "You're a Complete Disappointment." Actually a story of accomplishment, it begins with words Mikes' father told him - when his father was on his deathbed. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Harold Winley, of The Clovers. The Clovers are part of the lineup with "Legends of R&B and Doo Wop - Live in Concert. That's December 10th in Upland, including Caesar Berry and the Original Tymes, Eddie Holman, and headlining - Mary Wilson, of The Supremes. Information and tickets at affordablemusicproductions.com

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Asha Dornfest, author of Parent Hacks - 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life With Kids. Then David Fleming speaks with David "Bootz" Liebman about holiday events coming up at CalSkate Grand Terrace. The show concludes with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Hector Galan, who recently directed, "Willie Velasquez - Your Vote is Your Voice.

Emmanuel Rogers speaks with Joe Hill, author of The Fireman. Hill uses this name, by the way, to ensure he made it on his own - not because of who his father is - Stephen King. We'll also hear from David Liebman, "Bootz" in many circles, and General Manager at Cal-Skate, Grand Terrace. We'll hear about activities going through October and more. To close the program - Soprano Golda Berkman. Her credits include Carnegie Hall, The LA Opera, AND jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell. And - soon she'll be performing with Redlands Opera Theatre as Lauretta, in Puccini's, Gianni Schicchi.