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Join host David Fleming for a program dedicated to Arts and Entertainment in our region, as well as the people and places providing it. Interviews with authors, producers, visual artists and musicians, spotlighting a classic album or a brand new release. From musical legends and icons - to players at the local level, from Broadway tours to Community theater, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Redlands Bowl.

This edition of KVC-Arts begins with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Kelly Bocanegra about the Assistance League – Foothill Communities, and coming up December 3rd, their annual Christmas Tree Brunch, and the activities associated with it. KVCR Interim General Manager Keith Birkfeld speaks with Rob Reiner - not about the film LBJ, but touching on some social and political issues as well.

11/8/17 - Paul Anka, Kitaro

Nov 8, 2017

This episode of KVC-Arts begins with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Paul Anka - at the Fox in Riverside November 18th. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Kitaro - touring Kojiki and the Universe, with stops in La Jolla and LA.

We start with David Fleming in conversation with Linda Dilday, with The Riverside Dickens Festival. The festival isn't until February, but associated WITH it - Gerald Dickens  will be in Riverside performing some of his Great, Great, Grandfather's work. David then speaks with Christa Stevens, co-founder of Redlands Opera Theatre, now transitioning to Inland Opera. 

This edition of KVC-Arts has Rick Dulock finding out more about La Sierra University's Archeology Discovery Weekend. Sasha Chavez shares some memories of Halloween AND Dia de los Muertos, Then it's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Mario Frangoulis - performing in the area soon.

10/18/17 - Haley Reinhart, Patty Farmer

Oct 18, 2017

On this edition of KVC-Arts, we sit down with author Patty Farmer to discuss her book Playboy Swings: How Hugh Hefner and Playboy Changed the Face of Music. We also speak with Haley Reinhart about her new disc "What's That Sound" which features a mix of mid to late 60's tunes alongside some of her originals. 

This edition begins with Rick Dulock in conversation with Collette Lee, Director of The Riverside Arts Acadamy. Then it's Lillian Vasquez speaking with Timothy Jones - co-host, along with Iris Hill, of Hidden Hikes, which just saw it's premiere on KVCR-TV.  The show wraps up with David Fleming and RW Enoch, founder of The Urban Renewal Project, a band out of LA infusing Soul, R&B and Rap & Hip Hop with the swing and sound of Big Band jazz.

This edition of KVC-Arts begins with Rick Dulock in conversation with Ransom Wilson, music director and conductor for The Redlands Symphony. David Fleming checks back in with Corrina Lesser, talking about upcoming events at Scripps College through "Scripps Presents." Then it's music from Flogging Molly, with Ross French in conversation with accordianist Matt Hensley.

This edition of KVC-Arts begins with David Fleming in converstion with Corrina Lesser, with Scripps College. We hear about "Scripps Presents," a series of lectures, art, and music. We follow with Lillian Vasquez speaking with Daniel Durston, with "Million Dollar Quartet. Then it's Ross French speaking with Al Pitrelli, musical director and original guitarist with Trans Siberian Orchestra.

This KVC-Arts begins with Rick Dulock in conversation with Danielle Giudici Wallis about an upcoming Arts Connection conference and associated activities in Joshua Tree. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Chip Davis - the man behind Mannheim Steamroller. One of the men behind Convoy too.


This KVC-Arts begins with David Fleming in conversation with Steve Rushingwind and Nelson Rios about the cd "Fuego," which received nominations for THREE Nammys - the Native American music Grammy.  It's Ben Purper then in conversation with Inland Empire Trumpeter Gabriel James, of The Frienz Band. The show closes with Ross French speaking with Steve Twigger, of Gaelic Storm. Gaelic Storm is closing this years' Get Shamrocked Festival in Murietta.

First it's music and conversation with Goldy Locks, of The Goldy Locks Band on KVCR-TV September 12th as we welcome several new KVCR TV hosts - Goldy being one OF them. Then it's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Paula Poundstone, in Riverside September 23rd.

Gene Felix

This edition of KVC-Art begins with Lillian Vasquez, and music and conversation with country star Clay Walker. The it's Rick Dulock finding out more on ChristFest, a two day Christian world pop music festival. The show closes with Sahar Kadjenoury with Lakota John and Sweet Papa John. Piedmont blues, a homemade welded together guitar, and much more.

The show begins with Emmanuel Rogers in conversation with Dan White, author of "Under the Stars: How America Fell In Love With Camping." Ben Purper speaks with comedian John Pate about HIS new book - "Tears of Gaduhav." Then it's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Marcus Collins, of The Texas Tenors.

This edition of KVC-Arts begins with Rick Dulock in conversation with Andrew K. Thompson, one half of the two person exhibition Gray is the Color of Theory, running at The Gresham Art Gallery on the campus of San Bernardino Valley College. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Adrianna Marie, closing out this years' Blue Jay Jazz Festival August 24th at Skypark at Santa's Village. We also hear about her new release - Kingdom of Swing.


This edition of KVC-Arts starts with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Gene and Ethan Bortnik about a talent show and TV show coming to the region soon - A Celebration of Music. Ben Purper speaks with comedian and author John Pate, then David Fleming speaks with Cristofer Gross about The Blue Jay Jazz Festival. The festival features The King Brothers on August 10th, Greg Adams and East Bay Soul on the 17th, and Adrianna Marie and her Groovecutters on the 24th. That's at Skypark at Santa's Village. 

Rick Dulock begins this edition of KVC-Arts in conversation with Ernest and June Siva about the upcoming Dragonfly Gala - a fundraiser on the Morongo Reservation celebrating Southern California Native American arts, culture, language and more. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Jan Daley. Jan is a former Miss California, toured with Bob Hope on his USO tours to Vietnam, and JUST released a new cd, The Way of a Woman.

This edition of KVC-Arts is focused solely on singer Chris Montez, who brought us "Let's Dance," "Call Me" and much more. Montez is part of the lineup for Legends of Doo Wop, Soul and Rock n' Roll, along with Mel Carter, Carla Cooke, and Terry Johnson's Flamingos. That's coming to Highlander Auditorium in Upland August 5th. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com

legends of doo wop

This week Lillian Vasquez finds out about Junior University's 2017 presentation of Peter Pan. Also, a conversation with PBS Star and now talent show host, Ethan Bortnick and his dad about the upcoming show and how local students can get involved. And David Fleming chats with Carla Cooke, the daughter of Sam Cooke, about her life and her participation in the upcoming Legends of Doo Wop Concert in Upland.

Lillian Vasquez speaks with Lara Stolman, director of "Swim Team," a documenary about a competative swim team made up of kids on the autistic spectrum. Then it's David Fleming in conversation with Terry Johnson, of The Flamingos. The Flamingos are part of the lineup with Chris Montez, Terry Carter, and Carla Cooke - with Legend of Doo Wop, Soul and Rock n' Roll. That'll be in Upland August 5th. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com.

David Fleming speaks with Jason Strain about musician and educator Jeff Tower, who passed away July 4th of this year. There'll be a Tribute/Jam/Memorial on July 13th. Then it's Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Ron Adams, artistic director for the Redlands Theatre Festival. This Edition of KVC-Arts closes with David Fleming in Conversation with Mel Carter. "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" and more, carter is part of the lineup with Legends of Doo Wop, Soul and Rock n' Roll, in Upland August 5th. Tickets and information at affordablemusicproductions.com.

This edition of KVC-Arts starts with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Andrea Musselman, with Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes. That's in LA, Anaheim, and Ontario in July. Thyen it's David Fleming in conversation with Eva Mikhailovna and Jacob Pflum - from Eva and the Vagabond Tales. We'll hear about their EP "La Souleur Exquise," and their next full-length album - hopefully out this fall.

Rick Dulock speaks with Chris Clarke, planetarium specialist at the George F Beatty Planetarium since the early 90's. Then it's Sahar Khadjenoury in conversation with rap and hip hop artist, Def-i. Def-i is one of many artists you can find on the AUX - the music video service of FNX, First Nations Experience.

Tonight we talk to Dovey Dee, an American artist living in Australia and sharing her interpretations of vast Aussie landscapes at the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona.  Also in tonight’s episode, a conversation with Phil Rosenthal. He has a six-episode series for PBS airing on KVCR TV this summer called “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.” And it’s time for our annual preview of The Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival. We’ll ask the Bowl’s Executive Director, Beverly Noerr what’s in the works for the 94th season.

We start this week's show with John Wolf, Curator of Montclair Art Works. He explains to KVCR's Lillian Vasquez his concept of bringing art into public spaces which is resulting in unexpected exposure and brand new audiences for uniquely public presentations.  Lillian also speaks with Professor Margaret Worsley about the Instrumental Music Program being built anew at San Bernardino Valley College.  And, a book interview with Louie Fuerte - the man behind the camera for 12 seasons of California's Gold with Huell Howser.

Guitars for Vets is a nationwide program with a local chapter in Loma Linda. As the name indicates it involves music and veterans. We sat down with James Robledo, a veteran who went through the program and now leads it. After that, we'll speak to David Batista, Vice President of Strategic Development at San Antonio Regional Hospital. The hospital puts on an annual Hot Rod Show where health screenings for men also take place.

Memorial Day brings remembrances of all kinds, but mostly reflections on and around those who gave their lives in the name of freedom. Our show begins with the Riverside Concert Band. The group will pay tribute to those who served with a performances at Riverside National Cemetery on Memorial Day morning at 10 AM.  Lillian Vasquez speaks with Jim Bachert, he's one of the musicians in the group and serves as their President. University of Redlands student and KVCR intern, Michael Pesavento speaks with local author Ron MacDonald about his new book, Arlington Anthology: Field of Honor.

We begin this episode of KVC_aRts with Lillian Vasquez in conversation with Sherri Kinison who, with her husband, owns and runs the Grove Theatre in Upland. Sleeping Beauty; Dads, Grads and Moho's; Elvis: Hollywood the Vegas AND the Beatles Tribute Band Abbey Road are all on the schedule at the Grove in the coming weeks. We'll also hear from Axel Clark, the drummer who plays Ringo Starr in Abbey Road - His group will perform at the Grove on June 24. Next, Debbie Yopp tells Vasquez about Norco's Brew N' Que weekend - June 2-4 with food, brew, music and fun!

This week's show begins with Rick Dulock and two talented students from La Sierra University, Michael Patterson and Susana Leiva. Patterson will conduct the school orchestra's Spring Concert on May 13 and Leiva will lend her voice to the evening's repertoire. On May 22 a new and unique coffee house opens in Claremont; Sanctuary Coffee. Lillian Vasquez chats with Steve Gerali who hopes to provide respite for weary workers and students where the profits go to charity! Also in this episode of KVC_aRts David Fleming speaks with the newest member of Celtic Woman, Tara McNeill.

Joey Travolta began his adult life as a special education teacher, but filmmaking is his passion. He put the two together and created Inclusion Films, a company that partners with entities in a growing number of communities and trains people with developmental disabilities in the art of filmmaking. Lillian Vasquez speaks with Joey about the latest partnership in KVCR's city of license - San Bernardino.  Classes start this month. She also speaks with a PBS star she first interviewed when he was just nine years old. Ethan Bortnick is 16 now.

KVCR's Lillian Vasquez chats with Emin, a talented tenor seen and heard on KVCR TV/PBS, about his life, career and upcoming concert scheduled for May 27 in L.A.  Also this week, we revisit David Fleming's sit-down with JP Houston and Julie Van Dusen. They are the talented comedy duo behind American Parlor Songbook heard now on multiple public radio stations across the country... And KVCR had it first!  91.9 KVCR will host a LIVE taping of the APS in the KVCR TV studio later this month.