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Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin says his office will seek the death penalty for the suspect

charged with killing two Palm Springs police officers earlier this month.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has details.

A new poll by the Public Policy Center of California, released today (Thursday), measures voter sentiment on the U.S, Senate race and several state ballot initiatives.  Capital Public Radio's Chris Nichols got a look at the poll results.

California Republicans are campaigning hard to block Democrats from reclaiming supermajorities in the state Legislature after Democrats lost seats in the 2014 midterms.  But Donald Trump's unpopularity isn't helping their cause, as Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports.

Savory Road host Jeff Baker takes us to Edinburgh, to prove that there are many more interesting and tasty dishes to eat in Scotland than the ancient, not-so-appetizing dish, haggis.

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Many cities in the Inland Empire are trying to develop policies that will strictly limit or completely prohibit pot shops from opening in their city limits if California passes Proposition 64, legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  However, in the San Bernardino County High Desert community of Adelanto, many city officials, residents, and businesses are hoping to bring more economic activity -- and more revenue -- to the city by welcoming the marijuana industry.  This morning on 91.9 KVCR, The California Report aired this story.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators are finding that the tour bus that crashed in Palm Springs on Sunday - killing 12 passengers and the driver, and injuring 31 others - had tire problems that could have disqualified the bus from operating.  More in this short news item from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are at a 20-year high in California.  Capital Public Radio health reporter Ja'Nel Johnson has more on the findings from the California Department of Public Health.


In this excerpt from KVCaRts, KVCR's David Fleming interviews soprano Golda Berkman about her role in Redlands Opera Theatre's production of Pucinni's "Giani Schicchi."

John Husing, the chief economist for the Inland Empire Economic Partnership talks with KVCR's Ken Vincent about what "assessed valuation" is, and which cities in the IE are tops in assessed value.


The driver of the tour bus that crashed in Palm Springs this past weekend had prior violations and involvement in other highway incidents, authorities say.  The driver and bus's owner - Teodulo Vides, of Alhambra - was killed along with 12 other people in the deadly crash on Interstate 10 on Sunday.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


Latest From NPR:

A runway will remain closed while investigators look into why the charter aircraft carrying Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and more than 40 others slid off the runway Thursday night while landing at LaGuardia Airport in the New York City borough of Queens.

NPR's Scott Detrow reports that Pence, Donald Trump's running mate, and everyone else on board are safe after the jet touched down in stormy weather and just kept going.

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As the six-week trial of Ammon Bundy and his co-defendants wound its way to Thursday's startling conclusion, Bundy's supporters were a colorful presence outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Ore.

They dressed in traditional cowboy attire and waved American flags at passing cars. Some even rode horses up and down the busy city sidewalk.

A block away, Jarvis Kennedy watched all of this and rolled his eyes.

"We don't claim to be victims, but we were," he said.

Voters across the country can amend their state's constitution, sometimes bringing sweeping change: Think gay marriage or marijuana legalization.

But a growing number of people say that citizen initiatives are out of control — and creating chaos.

Take Colorado, where there's momentum and money for a constitutional amendment to make it harder to ... change the constitution.

Former quarterback and now Denver Broncos executive John Elway is a pitchman for the cause.

West & Pacific Rim From NPR

California Rules About Violence Against Health Workers Could Become A Model

Workers in California's hospitals and doctors' offices may be less likely to get hit, kicked, bitten or grabbed under workplace standards adopted by a state workplace safety board.Regulators within the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health approved a rule last Thursday that would require hospitals and other employers of health professionals to develop violence prevention protocols and involve workers in the process. The standard now will be reviewed by the Office of...
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Politics From NPR

The First 100 Days: What Clinton And Trump Want To Get Done

Imagine for a moment that it's Jan. 21, 2017. After a chilly inauguration the day before, the parades and festivities have ended. And the new president of the United States is ready for his or her first day of work."What follows is my 100-day action plan to make America great again," Donald Trump told supporters in Gettysburg, Pa., last weekend. "First I will announce my intention to totally renegotiate NAFTA, one of the worst deals our country has ever made."Trump also promised to withdraw...
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In Fight Over N.D. Pipeline, Tribe Leader Calls For Peace And Prayers

Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline have been raging for months, but tensions have been escalating. Recently, tribal leaders — led by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II — called on the Department of Justice to look into what they describe as unnecessary use of force by state and local law enforcement.The tribe is going up against Energy Transfer Partners, an oil giant intending to build the $3.8 billion pipeline to carry more than a half-million barrels of oil a...
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After NATO Objections, Russian Warships Won't Refuel At Spanish Port

A Mediterranean-bound convoy of Russian warships will not be stopping for fuel at a Spanish port, Russia said Wednesday, after Spain's NATO allies objected to the refueling plan.NATO members are worried the ships are intended to support increased Russian airstrikes in Syria. The convoy includes Russia's only aircraft carrier.Some ships in the convoy had been planning to stop for fuel in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa directly across from Gibraltar. It's normal practice for Spain to...
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Education From NPR

National Science Test Scores Are Out, But What Do They Really Tell Us?

The National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, is called The Nation's Report Card for good reason; the tests are administered the same way year after year, using the same kind of test booklets, to students across the country.That allows researchers and educators to compare student progress over time. NAEP tests serve as a big research project to benchmark academic achievement in subjects like science, math, reading, writing, civics, economics, geography and U.S. history.Science...
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Science, Technology, and Medicine

Seniors' Teeth Need Dental Care, But Insurance Coverage Is Rare

Aging can take a toll on teeth, and for many older people paying for dental services is a serious concern because they can't rely on their Medicare coverage.Low-income seniors in particular are struggling. More than a third with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level (about $23,000 annually) had untreated tooth decay between 2011 and 2014, according to an analysis of federal data by the American Dental Association."What ends up happening is that almost everybody, when they get...
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Arts, Culture, And Media From NPR

'Good Girls Revolt' Takes On Gender Bias In The Newsroom

Amazon's new 10-part series Good Girls Revolt was inspired by a landmark 1970 case involving a group of women working at Newsweek magazine who sued their employers for gender discrimination. At the show's fictitious News of the Week magazine, women begin to rise up, too.As the Vietnam War, the counterculture, civil rights and the Black Panthers make headlines, the hierarchy of the newsroom is clear: the men are reporters, the women are researchers. As one female staffer breaks it down to...
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Food, Nutrition & Health

Porridge, The Food That Built Empires, Stages A Savory Comeback

Gruel, glop, cooked mush. The English language has been less than kind in describing porridge. Which seems a tad ungrateful, really, considering that grains cooked in water or milk fed our earliest civilizations.But now, this stalwart dish is staging a culinary comeback.Think steaming, cumin-scented millet topped with coarsely grated Gruyere cheese. Buckwheat cooked in coconut milk, with buttered dates and cinnamon. Teff polenta garlanded with diced dandelion greens and freshly grated...
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Don't MIss:

WATCH: Obama Reads 'Mean Tweets' — Including One From Trump

President Obama's days in office are dwindling, and it's clear he intends to have as much fun as he can on the way out. Last night during a West Coast fundraising trip, he stopped by ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.Obama took part in a recurring bit called "Mean Tweets," which consists of reading aloud some of the, you guessed it, mean tweets about him of late.Such as:@nathan: "Barack Obama is the Nickelback of presidents."@woodstockdave: "Obama couldn't negotiate getting a Whopper without pickles."...
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