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Two brush fires - burning simultaneously within a few miles of each other - alongside the northbound lanes of State Highway 57 between Brea and Diamond Bar resulted in a partial shutdown of the northbound 57 early this morning, and tied up traffic both directions between the 91 freeway in Fullerton and the 60 freeway in Diamond Bar.  The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that the blaze burned about 25 acres of brush along the east side of the 57 freeway north of Bre


As was expected, the Canyon Fire 2 that had been burning in Orange County for the past week was declared 100 percent contained yesterday (Tuesday).  The blaze - which started Oct. 9 - burned 9,217 acres, destroyed 25 structures and damaged anotehr 55 structures over it's 8-day run.  At one point, there were nearly 1,700 personnel fighting the blaze.  4 firefighters were injured.  Crews of firefighters will remain in and around the burn area for the rest of this week, patrolling for hot spots and flare-ups. 

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In the wake of devastating wildfires in Northern California, some employers may now be dealing with the after effects of having to close,or employees needing time off.  Capital Public Radio's Sally Schilling reports.

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Firefighters in Southern California are battling a new wildfire; this one in the San Gabriel Mountains just west of the Inland Empire, on Mount Wilson.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


More evacuation orders in Northern California are now lifted, after a week of devastating wildfires that left 41 people dead.  But as Capital Public Radio's Daniel Potter reports, crews have to stay ready around the state, because fire season is far from over.


The Canyon Fire 2, still considered active in the Anaheim Hills as of yesterday afternoon (Monday), is "nearing full containment with no further threats to neighborhoods," according to Anaheim Fire & Rescue's latest statement this morning.



The Canyon Fire 2 burning in the Anaheim Hills area, is 75 percent contained this morning (Sunday) and the area burned remains at 9,217 acres.  As of Anaheim Fire & Rescue's briefing at 8:00 last night, personnel, equipment, and air support was being held to about the same levels as Friday: there are 984 personnel working to fight the blaze, with help from 64 fire engines, 6 water tenders, 8 bulldozers, and 2 helicopters.



The Canyon Fire 2 burning in Orange County is now 70% contained, with burned acreage still holding at 9,217 acres.  Good progress on containing the fire over the past few days has been aided by favorable weather, and full containment of the blaze is projected for Tuesday.  However fire authorities are still concerned about a forecast of warmer, windier conditions returning today (Saturday) that could whip up flames again.  


As of this morning, the wildfires fires devastating areas of several Northern California counties have now exceeded the death toll of what was for more than 75 years the deadliest fire in California history.  And as Capitol Public Radio's Randol White explains, fire management leaders are concerned the situation could get worse as we head into the weekend.

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11:00AM THURSDAY UPDATE:  The Canyon Fire 2, which has been burning in the Anaheim Hills this week, is now 60 percent contained at just over 9,200 acres.  There are more than 1600 firefighters battling the Canyon Fire 2, along with with 255 engines, five bulldozers, 13 helicopters, and five air tankers.  Favorable weather yesterday (Wednesday) - and expected again today - is giving fire authorities hope that they’ll have full containment of the Canyon Fire 2 by Saturday.  In the following audio report, KVCR’s Ken Vincent has details about the damage done by the blaze, the


Sonoma and Napa Counties have been hit hard by unforgiving wildfires that continue to ravage Northern California.  As Capital Public Radio's Julia Mitric reports, it's too early to guage the economic toll on the region's famed wine industry.

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11:00 A.M. Pacific Time TUESDAY UPDATE:

The Canyon Fire 2 burning in east Anaheim Hills has --  as  of late this morning (Tuesday) -- burned 7,500 acres and is 25 percent contained.  Authorities say at 24 homes have been destroyed by the blaze.  Mandatory evacuations are still in effect for a large swath of Orange County either side of the 241 toll freeway from the 91 Freeway south to Santiago Canyon, and southwest as far as north Tustin. 

Up to 1000 firefighters with ground equipment and air support will be fighting the blaze today.

Remember the Canyon Fire, the wildfire that burned in the southwestern hills of Corona a couple of weeks ago?

Well, now there's Canyon Fire 2 – a wildfire that started sometime around 10:30 a-m this morning (Monday) on the Orange County side of Riverside/Orange County line , and because of the gusty winds we have today, the blaze  is spreading rather rapidly west toward  and through neighborhoods east of Anaheim Hills, and has already prompted mandatory evacuations of the heavily-populated neighborhoods south of the 91 freeway and west of the 241 toll freeway in Orange County.



The Canyon Fire – still burning in Corona's southwestern foothills bordering Riverside and Orange counties south of the 91 freeway – is 90 percent contained, according to the latest official update this morning (Saturday). 

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The Canyon Fire – still burning in the hills bordering Riverside and Orange counties south of the 91 freeway – is 75 percent contained, according to the latest report this morning (Friday).  Authorities say fire activity has been minimal from yesterday to today, although firefighters are still building containment lines and responding to flare-ups and hot spots.  The slowing movement of the fire has allowed authorities to use GPS mapping to more accurately assess the amount of acreage burned.  Incident Command has revised previous estimates of 2,000 acres burned to 2,662 acres.



Map of the Canyon Fire Posted on the USFS Incident Information website: 09/27/17 3:27 pmCredit inciweb.nwcg.govEdit | Remove


Mandatory evacuations have been lifted for residents whose homes were being threatened by the Canyon Fire, burning in the Corona foothills south of the 91 freeway.  Here is the official statement:

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Favorable weather conditions from yesterday overnight into today (Wednesday) have allowed firefighters to make good progress on the Canyon Fire, burning in the Corona foothills south of the 91 freeway. 

As of this morning, authorities say the blaze has been held to 2,000 acres burned, and is now up to 20% containment.  Most of the blaze has been extinguished, but firefighters are still working on isolated patches still burning, and are on the watch for flare-ups. 


Thanks to shifting winds that kept the movement of the canyon fire away from hundreds of homes in Corona’s southwestern foothills, fire authorities say good progress was made yesterday containing the blaze, and with a forecast of lighter Santa Ana winds than yesterday, they’re hoping to make better progress today.


In Corona, the Canyon Fire continues to burn in the hills south of the 91 Freeway.  At last report last night, the blaze had burned more than 2000 acres and was 5 percent contained.  Cal Fire says more than 300 firefighters are working on the blaze. 

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Firefighters used Monday's cooler weather to make more progress on containing the Palmer Fire, which has been burning in the San Timoteo Badlands between Moreno Valley, Calimesa, and Redlands.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

[NOTE:  In the time since this report was broadcast this morning, Cal Fire has updated the Palmer Fire containment figure to 90 percent contained at 3,800 acres.]

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As of last report at 8:30am this morning (Monday), the so-called Palmer Fire - burning in the San Timoteo Badlands between Calimesa and Moreno Valley since Saturday - was 50 percent contained at 3,800 acres.  Firefighters were hoping to complete the containment line today, as KVCR's Ken Vincent reports.

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A wildfire that first was reported at just after 10am yesterday (Thursday)on a Riverside hillside was completely contained by 10:30pm last night, after burning 85 acres.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

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The Mias Fire near Banning is increasingly under control, as firefighters from several agencies continue to increase containment ans hold the acreage burned to just over 500 acres.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Firefighters have made significant progress fighting two Inland Empire wildfires this week.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

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As firefighters continued battling the Blaine Fire in the hills between Riverside and Moreno Valley, another brush fire broke out farther east, near the Pass community of Banning.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

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Because the Blaine Fire burned near populated neighborhoods in Riverside and Moreno Valley, the fire retardant that aircraft have been using to fight the fire has been sprayed on a number of local homes, yards, and cars.  The Press-Enterprise this morning reported that Cal Fire is actually willing to return to the retardant-covered neighborhoods and use fire hoses to help spray it off of houses.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.