Ontario International Airport


Ontario International Airport is taking steps to pursue more cargo and passenger traffic across the Pacific Ocean.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.


Frontier Airlines will begin service this year to and from Ontario International Airport.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Nearly 155-thousand holiday travelers are expected to pass through Ontario International Airport between Friday, Dec 23 and Tuesday, Jan 3. KVCR's Rick Dulock reports.


Ontario International Airport is expecting passenger traffic to be up from last year for it's first Thanksgiving travel period since being officially returned to Inland Empire control earlier this month.  The airport and some of it's tenant airlines have announced improvements to the passenger experience.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

Ontario International Airport Authority

In Part 2 of her interview with KVCR's Ken Vincent (you can hear Part 1 by clicking here), former Press-Enterprise columnist Cassie MacDuff talks more about her new position as Manager of Marketing for Ontario International Airport.  Cassie also talks about the team of people the new Airport Authority has assembled to transition ONT from Los Angeles ownership back to IE control, and about the importance of the airport to the economy, culture, and ide

KVCR's Ken Vincent talks with long-time KVCR contributor and former Press-Enterprise columnist Cassie MacDuff -- now marketing manager for the new Ontario International Airport Authority -- about her new job and about the future of the airport as it transitions back to Inland Empire ownership.


As part of it's transition back to Inland Empire ownership, Ontario International Airport has made a couple of high-level local management hires -- including someone familiar to KVCR listeners.  KVCR's KenVincent has more.

ONT scores low on low ticket prices.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem has more.


Millions of Californians are hitting the roads and crowding into airport lines over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Los Angeles International Airport is expected to be jammed, but here in the Inland Empire, Ontario International Airport is not expecting any extraordinary problems.  KVCR's Ken Vincent reports. 

With Ontario International Airport back under Inland Empire ownership, local officials believe the airport is primed for takeoff.  The future of ONT will be the topic of a public discussion tonight [Wednesday] at 5:30pm at UC Riverside's Center for Environmental Research and Technology.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem has more.



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There was a brief security scare at Ontario International Airport early this morning, prompting the precautionary evacuation of airport Terminal 4 for just less than an hour.  As KVCR's Ken Vincent reports, the incident was a false alarm, and all ended well.

What The ONT Airport Deal Could Mean For IE Economy

Aug 10, 2015

The years-long struggle over control of Ontario International Airport may be coming to an end without legal action.  On Thursday afternoon, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and numerous officials appeared at the Inland Empire airport to announce the resolution.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem was there and spoke to Garcetti and  officials from the IE.

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A deal that will transfer control of Ontario International Airport from the City of Los Angeles to an Inland Empire airport authority was announced at an event at the airport yesterday [Thursday].  Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was on hand to make the proclamation in an event that verged on a celebration.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem was there and has this report.


The mayors of Los Angeles and Ontario held a joint news conference today [Thursday] to announce that they've reached a tentative deal to return ownership of Ontario International Airport back to the Inland Empire.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more in this story from this morning previewing the news conference.


The legal battle to regain local control of Ontario International Airport from the City of Los Angeles has been ongoing since 2013.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem says the upcoming case could be about more than just oversight of the airport.


A civil trial to determine who should control Ontario International Airport will go ahead as planned after a Riverside judge rejected a motion by the city of Los Angeles to have the case tossed on Thursday.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports.

Press-Enterprise Columnist Cassie MacDuff and KVCR's Ken Vincent review some of the major news stories of the week in the Inland Empire, including:

- Ontario Airport: Lawsuit updates and more Aero Mexico flights

- Why Canyon Lake residents might be barred from lake use

- The City of Riverside and marijuana dispensaries


The ongoing wrangling over control of Ontario International Airport has been tumultuous. Recently, the city of Ontario faced a legal setback in its attempt to regain authority over the airport from Los Angeles. While litigation is still pending, Ontario is now pursuing a legislative strategy. KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports.


A decisive blow was dealt Thursday to the effort to regain local control of Ontario International Airport. The Judge ruled that, though flawed, LA's claim of ownership over the airport is valid. KVCR's Matt Guilhem has more on the ruling and what it means.

ONT Airport Court Decision Could Come Anytime

Dec 19, 2014

Representatives of the cities of Ontario and Los Angeles have been in court for months, arguing over whether Los Angeles should return control of Ontario International Airport to the Inland Empire.  KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports the judge in the case could come down with a decision very soon.