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The Brown administration has plans for an innovative money swap that could pay off billions in pension debt over the next two decades, but nonpartisan analysts say the proposal isn't fully cooked.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford explains.

Over the next few weeks, we're taking a closer look at the mounting debt California faces in covering public employees' pensions.  As Capital Public Radio's Ashley Gross explains, it was during the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s when the state chose to make these benefits a lot more generous.  It was a decision with lasting implications.

The California Public Employees' Retirement System has released new data about what it pays for private equity investments. As Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports, it's a rare look at the unusual arrangement required by the private equity industry.

California's largest public pension fund has announced a disappointing return on investments for the fiscal year that wrapped up last month.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports.