California Legislature

Democrats in the state Legislature are turning their attention to the issue of affordable housing in California.  Capital Public Radio's Daniel Potter reports it's their new focus, after passing a transportation funding bill earlier this month.

Governor Jerry Brown and the oil industry are both pushing to preserve California's struggling cap-and-trade program.  But that will require support from Democratic lawmakers who have doubts about the program.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

Republican state Senator Pat Bates, from Laguna Niguel in Orange County, has been elected the new Minority Leader in the state Senate.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent and Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler.

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A rally at the California state Capitol on International Women's Day and the "Day Without A Woman" drew a couple-hundred people ... and more than a dozen Democratic elected officials.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler has more on yesterday's (Wednesday) rally.

Senate Republican Caucus

In what was called an extraordinary moment of incivility in the California Legislature, a Democratic state Senator ordered security to remove his Republican colleague from the floor of the Senate chamber yesterday (Thursday).  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford explains what happened.

Republican State Assemblyman Travis Allen of Huntington Beach recently claimed the Oroville Dam emergency in Northern California was "entirely avoidable."  He added that Governor Jerry Brown failed to spend a single dollar from a recent water bond to pay for upgrades to the massive structure.  Capital Public Radio's PolitiFact reporter Chris Nichols checked out those claims by the Orange County lawmaker

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Foreign delegations routinely visit the California state Capitol.  But with Mexico and the U.S. at odds over certain policies these days, this week's visit from a half-dozen Mexican senators carries added significance.  Our Capital Bureau Chief Ben Adler spent some time with two of the senators.

Is housing so expensive in California that even state lawmakers are priced out?  An Inland Empire legislator, California Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley recently made this assertion at a forum in Sacramento.  Capital Public Radio's PolitiFact reporter Chris Nichols checked out this eye-opening claim.

Ben Adler - Capital Public Radio

In Sacramento, a bipartisan group of California lawmakers, staff and lobbyists gathered for the annual "Cordial Caucus Karaoke Night."  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler stopped by to see if civility is still possible at the state Capitol in the age of Trump.

In response to an emotional interview about Trump Administration polices on immigration and refugees with Calif. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon aired Monday on 91.9 KVCR, Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler presents an alternate view in this interview with San Diego County state Senator Joel Anderson

The California Senate wasted little time in responding to President Trump's executive order restricting entry into the U.S. from a handful of majority Muslim countries.  The state Senate passed a non-binding resolution yesterday (Monday) that called the action unconstitutional, as Capital Public Radios' Ben Adler reports.

Two prominent state legislators from the Inland Empire -- one a Republican leader, the other a rising-star Democrat -- directed critical remarks toward President Trump's executive order restricting travel from several majority-Muslim nations.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

Some of the newest members of the California Legislature are inheriting seats that come with long-established roles. From Capital Public Radio, Daniel Potter profiles two new senators who aim to build on the work of their predecessors.

Republican state Assemblyman Travis Allen of Huntington Beach has repeatedly claimed in newspapers and on national TV that a new California law legalizes child prostitution.  Capital Public Radio's PoltiFact reporter Chris Nichols fact-checked this startling statement.

California legislative Democrats promised steadfast defiance -- and GOPS expressed irritation -- as the Legislature officially put former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on retainer to represent California's interest in potential policy fights with the incoming Trump Administration.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford has more.

California lawmakers return to work today (Wednesday) for what promises to be a busy January.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

As the new California Legislature prepares for the 2017 session, a number of Inland Empire Republicans have been appointed to minority leadership positions in the state Assembly.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

California Senate Democrats want to tackle unfinished business from last legislative session - including fixing the state's aging infrastructure and boosting affordable housing.  As Capital Public Radio's Amy Quinton reports, they released a $13 billion package of measures yesterday (Tuesday).

A newly-elected Inland Empire state legislator used her first day in office to address the bureaucratic delays preventing survivors of the December 2 San Bernardino terror attack from getting the workers' compensation benefits they're entitled to.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.

The return of California lawmakers to the state Capitol after an election is typically a ceremonial and celebratory affair.  Not this year.  In their first meeting since the election, Democratic leaders yesterday (Monday) doubled down on their opposition to the Trump Administration, as Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.


The 2017-2018 California Legislature will be sworn in today in Sacramento.  Then, after the swearing-in ceremony, legislators will depart the Capitol until after the first of the year.  KVCR's Ken Vincent introduces this report from Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler.

California Republicans are campaigning hard to block Democrats from reclaiming supermajorities in the state Legislature after Democrats lost seats in the 2014 midterms.  But Donald Trump's unpopularity isn't helping their cause, as Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports.

Among the nearly 800 bills sitting on California Governor Jerry Brown's desk are a slew of measures that seek to create new tax breaks or exemptions.  Some, like sales tax exemptions for diapers and tampons, passed the Legislature with broad bipartisan support.  But it's highly unlikely that Brown will signs those bills, as Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports.

Lawmakers and sexual assault victims are urging Governor Jeryy Brown to sign a bill  - written by Democratic state Senator Connie Leyva of Chino - that would eliminate the statute of limitations on rape and other sex crimes.  Capital Public Radio's Ja'Nel Johnson has more from the press conference held yesterday (Tuesday).

Democrats in the California Assembly need to pick up only a couple o f seats int he November elections to win two-thirds control of the chamber.  That's the vote threshold to raise taxes and change house rules.  Political consultants see a favorable path for the party, although not for the reasons you might think, as Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

From a minimum wage increase to the battle against climate change, Democratic policies dominated the 2016 California legislative session that wrapped up early yesterday (Thursday) morning.  And more often than not, those policies emerged victorious, as Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports.

Lawmakers are back at the California State Capitol for their final scheduled month of work this year. They're set to adjourn by midnight on August 31. One major issue could stretch into a rare lame-duck session. Ben Adler reports from Capital Public Radio.

California lawmakers are back from recess to tackle a number of issues before the legislative session ends on August 31. From Capital Public Radio, Ben Adler reports.

California Assemblyman Roger Hernandez -- Democrat from the San Gabriel Valley -- will lose a significant amount of his power at the state Capitol, now that Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon is stripping him of his committee assignments.  Rendon announced the move Friday, shortly after a judge issued a restraining order against Hernandez for physically abusing his ex-wife.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford explains the significance of the punishment.

The CHP is responding to questions about the violent clash between two protest groups  at the California state Capitol grounds last weekend.  KVCR's Ken Vincent has more.