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Riverside County Animal Services authorities will try again today to capture and give veterinary treatment to a wild burro in Reche Canyon who presumably was shot with an arrow and injured.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Californians will vote this fall on whethr to strengthen the state's laws governing how fam animals are confined and raised.  As Capital Puyblic Radio's Ben Adler reports, the proposed measure that qualified for the November ballot builds on a previous voter-approved initiative - and a separate state law.

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A stray miniature pot-bellied pig - who was apprehended in Jurupa Valley this past weekend while paying what had become a daily visit to a couple of neighborhood dogs - is being held at a Riverside County animal shelter, awaiting his owners to come bail him out.  KVCR's Ken Vincent tells the story.

Riverside County Department of Animal Services

Dozens of dogs and cats living at the Western Riverside County Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley were airlifted to a new - and perhaps a longer - life in the Pacific Northwest.  KVCR's Ken Vincent explains.

Riverside County Supervisors are scheduled to take action on an ordinance that would impose fines on people who have potentially hazardous interactions with wild burros that roam north of Moreno Valley.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

San Bernardino County authorities have filed animal cruelty charges against an Inland Empire chicken ranch.  KVCR's  Ken Vincent has more.

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As the California drought continues, more rodents are encroaching on homes in search of water. Animal shelters throughout the state are advertising feral cats as a wise pest control alternative. Capital Public Radio's Lesley McClurg has more.

Legal wrangling isn't scaring connoisseurs and chefs from enjoying foie gras.  It's still legal to serve the fatty duck or goose liver in California, but that could change again.  As Capital Public Radio's Leslie McClurg reports, the state of California is appealing a federal ruling that lifted the state's ban on serving the delicacy.