Longtime Inland Empire journalist and KVCR contributor Cassie MacDuff and KVCR's Ken Vincent review some of the Inland Empire's top news stories this week, including:

1.     Riverside may have a new city manager, after months of conflict with the mayor over the former city manager’s pay.

2.     Menifee lost its mayor unexpectedly last week.

            3.     The district attorney race in San Bernardino County is heating up as the June 5th election nears.

With less than two weeks until California's June 5 primary, the governor's race is all about who will come in SECOND.  The top two primary finishers, regardless of political party, advance to the November general election.  With frst place all but set, the candidates - and outside groups - are going all-in... either to make the race competitive in November or effectively end it next month.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler reports.

California's cap-and-trade program generated almost $700 billion for the state in the last quarter.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports it's the latest strong showing for a key climate change program that was faltering until  last year.

Muslims often aren't represented in American politics.  But early this week, hundreds of Muslims packed the state capital to break fast for Ramadan.  Capital Public Radio's Adhiti Bandlamuti was there in Sacramento for the fifteenth year of this celebration.

For the past 14 years, Muslims have gathered at the California State Capitol for one day during Ramadan to break their day-long fast. Monday night, the community celebrated the 15th year of this tradition.

Several state lawmakers yesterday (Tuesday) introduced a plan to curb the University of California's power by limiting salaries and putting checks on the UC president's authority.  KVCR's Isel Cuapio reports.

A state Assembly subcommittee will vote today (Wednesday) on whether to include $120 million in the budget to establish an entirely online community college in California.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Technology company IBM is proposing to get into the education business in California.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

Because Cal State San Bernrdino will be closed on Monday, The campus community will be marking Memorial Day with ceremonies today on campus and off campus.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

John Husing, Chief Economist for the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, joins KVCR's Ken Vincent for another segment delving into the details of the IE's current economic boom.  Dr. Husing expalins that, while there are no shortage of lower and medium-paying jobs in the region, getting higher-pay for IE workers is going to require a push toward more education in the region.

After the latest school shotting, the California Assembly has passed a bill that wuld allow coworkers, employers, and school faculty and staff to seek gun violence restraining orders.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Bradford reports.

The California state Senate yesterday (Monday) approved an Inland Empire legislator's bill banning secret settlements in cases of sexual assualt and harassment.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has more.

Expressions of Art - SB Arts Fest

May 21, 2018
KVCR Staff

This Expressions of Art segment is on the San Bernardino Arts Fest. The SB Arts Fest features over 100 artists, bands, and performing artists. The event is free and filled with fun kid's activities, music, food, and art. 

 Expressions of Art on KVCR is supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency. Learn more at



Corinne McCurdy / CSUSB

Researchers at Cal State San Bernardino have found that the therapeutic treatment known as "neurofeedback" is highly effective at treating PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  And the center's director says that's only the beginning of what it can do.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has more.


Joshua Tree Homeless Couple Reunited With Their Children

May 21, 2018
KMIR TV Palm Springs via KTLA TV Los Angeles

The homeless couple charged with child abuse in Joshua Tree have been reunited with their three children.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has more.

City of Menifee

The mayor of Menifee, Neil Winter, passed away unexpectedly this past weekend.  More form KVCR's Ken Vincent,

Roughly a million low-income Californians could lose access to mammograms, STD treatment, pap smears, and other sexual health services if theTrump Administration changes the guidelines for Title X funding.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

California's unemployment rate fell to a record low 4.2 percent in April as the state added nearly 40,000 jobs, according to data released Friday.  More from Capital Public Radio's Chris Nichols.

KVCR's Ken Vincent and Cassie MacDuff look at top stories in the Inland Empire.

At the White House yesterday, President Trump met with mayors, lawmakers, and law enforcement officials from more than a dozen California jurisdictions - inlcuding from the Inland Empire - who oppose the state's sanctuary policies.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Now more on yesterday's (Wednesday) White House meeting between President Trump and a number of California local officials - including from the Inland Empire - opposed to the state's sanctuary policies.  It became national news after it was reported that in the meeting, Trump called some people who cross the border illegally, "animals."  The President also encouraged U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to pursue obstruction of justice charges against the mayor of Oakland.  More from KQED's Alex Hall, in a story that aired in The California Report this morning.

Officials at Riverside City College say they'll be sending a letter to hundreds of students, faculty, and staff who may have been exposed to a student who's been diagnosed with active tuberculosis.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

California's medical aid-in-dying law has faced moral and ethical opposition since it took effect in 2016.  But now a Riverside County judge's ruling questions whether legislators illegally passed it in the first place.  Capital Public Radio's Sammy Cailola reports.

Cal State and UC students and faculty are calling for more funding for higher education.  As Captial Public Radio's Adhiti Bandlamudi reports, they're getting more funding -- just not as much as they asked for. capture from video posted on Twitter

A phone video taken by a cutomer in a coffee shop in Riverside went viral this week and is making national headlines.  A barista refused to serve coffee to a man making Islamophobic comments to another customer, a woman in religious clothing.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has more.


It's not widely known, but the Postal Service says it will make sure your mail-in ballot will be delivered to your local vote-counters even if the ballot doesn't have the proper postage affixed to the envelope.  More from KVCR's Ken Vincent.

Inland Empire Economic Partnership Chief Economist John Husing and KVCR's Ken Vincent continue a discussion that began last week on Dr. Husing's 2018 economic forecast for the Inland Empire.  Husing predic ts a continued boom for the IE's economy.

Moreno Valley has joined the list of Inland Empire cities being sued for its regulations on legal marijuana.  KVCR's Benjamin Purper has the story.

Bert Johnson/KQED

California's current attorney general is Xavier Becerra.  He was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown in November, 2016.  Becerra announced in early 2017 that he would run this year to hold on to his post.  However, three other candidates have entered the race.  All four candidates for California Attorney General are set for a debate tonight at the

Immigrant rights activists are pushing for measures that would address access to health care, local business licenses, and income tax credits for undocumented immigrants.  Adhiti Bandlamudi reports from Sacramento.

Even though the U.S. Supreme Court has now allowed sports gaming across the country, it doesn't appear likely that California will legalize it anytime soon.  Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler explains why.